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 Welcome to the XR4Register website

Stripping of the Wiring
The next step was to do away with all the unnecessary electronics (bulb failure, trip computer, rear wiper, electric windows etc.) . This just left the wiring which is needed to keep the car legal and running.

The wiring has been kept to the bare minimum i.e; in order to start the car, have a water & fuel gauge, rev counter, speedometer, oil warning lamps, indicators and lights. The rest was disconnected and cut out. The dash was taken out and a later type dash will be fitted back in once I know what wire goes where!

Gengis found out that there was a world shortage of copper so he decided to 'weigh' any unnecessary wiring from 'Project Woo'
Gengis has decided that any unnecessary stuff has to go but we think that the lact of a dashboard and surround for the speedo housing is a bit extreme.
The first thing Gengis got rid of from the engine bay was the heater matrix!. We think the warmth of the engine through the bulkhead will de-mist his front screen!.
Note the heavy duty pipe fixtures for the makeshift water bypass system. It works and it got the car running as per Restoration show so we guess its gonna stay.
Report: Simon aka Gengis