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 Welcome to the XR4Register website

The XR4Register Profile for John 'Breakdown' Bell

Ford Sierra XR4x4 3.0 Twin Turbo
My Smokestone '91 V6 Twin Turbo 4be.

Photo Gallery for John Bell's XR4x4
Just for a Laugh

I bought this car off Ebay for £800 in April 2006, in fairly good standard condition. It was a 2.0 DOHC.

I had previously been running the car with a Turbo Technics kit rescued from my previous DOHC 4be that was eaten by the tin worm. Unfortunately the engine dumped all its oil on the way home from The Restoration Show at Stoneleigh Country Park in October 2008. It was time to start thinking about fitting the twin turbo kit and 2.9 engine I had lying around in the garage. Looking back, it was a lot of work. Firstly a top end rebuild, refurbishing the low compression Turbo Technics heads and smoothing and capacity matching the combustion chambers. A new oil pick up was fitted as the original one had fallen apart and had been sucking down onto the bottom of the sump. The bottom end was inspected while the engine was apart. All was in good condition, there are still signs of the cross hatch honing in the bores. The engine is a remanufactured unit and had had a 0.5 mm overbore, raising the capacity to 2966 CC so I can call it a 3 litre! Whilst off, the sump was fitted with the turbo oil returns as well as a breather tank return and oil temperature sensor. The gearbox was treated to a Quickshift kit and the gearlever cradle was poly bushed. This was then mated to the engine with an AP Racing uprated Cosworth organic clutch.

I had previously replaced the front and rear diffs with 2.9 items, so that didn't need doing. I fitted two rather large 76 mm core twin pass intercoolers which necessitated moving the radiator back 70 mm. Then the original radiator top hose fitting fouled the power steering pump pulleys. I had to fit an efi Pinto radiator as the hose connections are reversed. I then mounted the twin electric fans and shroud to the radiator but had to fit them upside down and move the motors round so that it wouldn't foul the pulleys and belts.

The induction and cooling systems were then plumbed in with a plethora of silicone hoses and aluminium pipes. Two Bailey recirculating dump valves are fitted, dumping back into the compressor intakes. The air filters draw cold air straight through the inner wings.

The following things have also been fitted/changed in no particular order:

  • Fitted smoked oval side repeaters.
  • Fitted K & N 57i kit.
  • Fitted front strut brace.
  • Fitted Bailey breather tank.
  • Fitted FSE Power Boost Valve.
  • Fitted Modine oil cooler.
  • Fitted Koni adjustable shocks.
  • Fitted Avo Chassis Dynamics -25 mm springs

  • Replaced exhaust with Mongoose stainless exhaust.
  • Changed wheels to Anthracite Dymag 15 x 7s with 205/50/15 Avon ZV3s.
  • Fitted National Sports grooved front & rear discs with Ferodo DS pads.
  • Fitted Sapphire bonnet & Cosworth grille.
  • Fitted boost gauge & air charge temperature gauge.
  • Fitted Knock Link
  • Full Alpine Ice install, CD head unit with remote control built into Cosworth 3 spoke leather steering wheel, front component speakers, 6 x 9s mounted in stealth shelf, 10 inch sub in custom sealed enclosure with amp & power cap mounted on enclosure for compact install.
  • Fitted 28 mm front anti roll bar & 22 mm rear anti roll bar.
  • Poly bushed front & rear end.
  • Fitted VEMS wideband air/fuel ratio & exhaust gas temperature gauge.
  • Fitted Goodrich braided brake hoses.

    "Drive it like you mean it!"

    Last updated 13.09.09

  •  Car Profile

     Owner: John Bell

     XROC BB Name: JFB Tech

     Model: XR4x4

     Engine: 3.0 Twin Turbo

     Gearbox: MT75

     Suspension: Konis & lowered uprated springs

     Exhaust: Scorpion Stainless Steel

     Interior: Boost Gauge
     ACT Gauge
     Exterior: Dymag 5 spoke 15s

     ICE: Alpine Install:
     CD Head unit
     Front Components
     6x9s in stealth shelf
     10" sub in custom enclosure complete with amp

    Please contact us at 
    [email protected]
     with any comments          © Copyright XR4Register