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 Welcome to the XR4Register website

The XR4Register Profile - David Ward

Ford Sierra XR4x4 3.7 Supercharged

Just for a Laugh
Photo Gallery for David Ward's XR4x4
Photo Gallery of Rear Suspension Project
Photo Gallery of Supercharger, intercooler and Exhaust system
Mpeg video of my car at Power Engineering on the rollers (very large file 20M)
A longer mpeg video of my car at Power Engineering on the rollers (very large file 120M)

I've been a member of the XROC since May 1996. I had just bought my boss's old car - a 1989 Sierra XR4x4 2.9 in Diamond White, as the gearbox of my MG Metro Turbo had just decided to self destruct. I had had a trip in the XR the week before, and had commented how good the car looked. Then I found out he was selling it, so I bought it not really knowing anything about the car, other than it was better than no car at all. I wasn't even aware of the size of the engine until I rang around a couple of insurance companies to find out that most wouldn't have insured my Metro, let alone a 2.9 V6!

I did eventually get insurance, and was happy with the car for a while. Since 1998 I took part in some local shows by which stage I had changed the suspension, exhaust and air filter. Then at Trax I saw a Power Engineering 3.7 and that was that - no more 2.9 for me (the engine needed a revamp anyway, having done some 200,000 miles). I eventually told myself that I could afford it, so off I went to Power Engineering with £4000 in my pocket. I came away without the money, but with a big smile on my face as I drove my newly converted XR.

I had bought the car with 100,000 miles on the clock, driven another 100,000 miles prior to converting the engine, and then clocked up another 60,000 miles on the 3.7. At this stage I took a long look at the car, and with encouragement from friends I decided that the body was in need of repair - serious repair. I stripped the car down to a bare body to find more and yet more rust. It was then that I decided to buy another car, still a XR4x4, but one with a good body.

After some 3 months of looking I bought a 1992 late spec. with air con. I got both cars together so I could swap over engines, this being completed within four days by Jiles at G Sport.

After the show season in 2002 I decided to strip the back end of the car and sort out any problems with rust and take the opportunity to refurbish the rear suspension components (Click here for photos of rear suspension project). So with a lot of help from Bhav we removed the rear beam and fuel tank. Over the next couple of months I got the rear beam, rear suspension arm, rear springs and newly inquired Escort Cosworth anti-rollbar shot-blasted and power-coated. A new fuel tank was purchased along with all new bushes. The fuel tank, drive shafts, rear calipers and diff were all painted. Whilst this was happening Catherine and I was trying to clean and paint the underneath of the car, which seemed to take forever as a previous owner had undersealed the car. This underseal was hiding all the rust that was forming so had to be removed. Normally underseal is painted on a car to protect it from stone chip damage but as my car will not be used as an everyday car again this would not be a problem. Once the underseal was removed Catherine and I used a shot-blaster to remove any flakey paint and clean any rust spots. We then painted the underneath of the back end of the car. By this time Town and Country show was fast approaching, we all wanted the car to be ready so with alot of help from Bhav we reassembled the rear of the car. The day before Town and Country show the car started for the first time in over a year and after a quick drive to the jet wash to remove the dust that had gathered on the car it was off to Warwick Road Garage in Coventry to get a MOT at 6pm at night, many thanks to Deba for letting us stay after hours. The car passed without any problems and made it to Town and Country much to everybody's surprise.

Up until now I've been using the standard Ford ECU to control my engine but the engine could not produce its ultimate power due to the Ford ECU still thinking its controlling a 2.9 engine. After a lot of research I found an ECU to control my engine. I chose an Omex 700 as it seemed a good balance of powerful features yet not being far to complex to program and calibrate. So I bought the ECU and talked to my friend Chris at Power Engineering. Chris was very helpful so I booked the car in to be rewired and setup with the Omex ECU. Whilst on the phone to Chris he suggested to get the most from my engine I might want to consider a supercharger, this really got be thinking. On my next phone call to Chris I discussed the supercharger idea more to which he said, I've got a supercharger that would suit your car perfectly which is brand new and quite cheap, how could I refuse. Catherine and I drove to Power Engineering to drop the car off and to gaze at the Eaton M90 supercharger Chris had. Once we got to Power Engineering we realised that as my car had air conditioning it would not be easy to fit so we took the decision to remove the air con and fit the supercharger in its place.

After two weeks Chris had finished the supercharger install and mapped it. Catherine, Tim and I went to pick it up on a very fine but cold morning. It was the first time Tim had seen or heard a car doing 6000rpm in Forth gear just a couple of meters away and he seemed a bit concerned at times. I took the car out for a spin around the block, and was stunned how well the car picked up. Once down the motorway cruising at 70MPH in fifth gear I could put my foot down and the car leapt up to 110MPH very smoothly. I'm currently over the moon at how well the car feels, its great through towns as it so smooth whatever speed your doing. Many, many thanks to Chris and his team at Power Engineering as this car is so much better then I could imagine.

One thing Chris had mentioned was the need for a good intercooler so with that in mind I took the car to Pro Alloy, who fitted a custom RS500 style intercooler, modified cosworth radiator and custom electric fan set. The quality of their work was outstanding and the results after a rolling road tune produced an increase of torque, it also produced the same power results after 2 hours on the rollers on a hot day compared with that on a cold day which meant the intercooler was doing a great job.

Another muttering from Chris was that my exhaust, particularly my manifolds, were not allowing the gases to escape from my engine. I found a place called Exhausts by Design in Tingewick. Graham, owner of Exhausts by Design, saw the car and gave a very competitive quote. He was very happy to talk about the project and listened to my ideas. The car was booked in, so yet again the car went off for a week for some more work to be done. When I came to pick up the car I was stunned by the quality of the work, each box was made to a very high standard, the manifolds were shaped to allow access to engine mounts, sparkplugs and exhaust studs.

The car has since been back to Power Engineering for a final tune and the results are a fantastic 296BHP and 373lb/ft of torque which is great news.

Awards Won
2003 Granada Enthusiasts Show - 1st place for 'Best visiting club car'
2001 End of year XR4 Register award - Best Engine modification

Power Plot
Latest plot (click image for full size)

Magazine Feature
Sierra XR4x4 Profile Feature in Fast Ford March 06 Edition

Last updated: 04.03.06

 Car Profile

 Owner: David Ward

 XROC BB Name: sparkplug

 Model: XR4x4 2.9

 Engine: Bored and stroked to 3660cc, Stage 3 heads, high torque cam, M90 Supercharger, ERL water injection, Omex 700 ECU, RS500 style intercooler, 24v coil pack, big injectors, High pressure oil pump, stainless steel exhaust and manifolds, K&N filter, high pressure fuel pump.

 Gearbox: MT75, Burtons quick shift, poly cradle.

 Suspension: Lowered springs, poly bushes.

 Interior: Black leather Cosworth seats, leather Cosworth steering wheel.

 Exterior: Cosworth side skirts, Cosworth front bumper & 17inch alloys

 ICE: Alpine head unit.

 Performance: 296BHP and 373lb/ft of torque.

 With help from: Phil, Bhav, Chris at Power Engineering, Jiles at G Sport, Andy at Omex technology Wayne at Pro Alloy and Graham at Exhausts by design

 Click to view my website for more details on the car.

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