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 Welcome to the XR4Register website

The XR4Register Profile - Dave Cooper

Ford Sierra XR4x4 3.1

Photo Gallery for Dave's XR4x4

Having come from a 1.4 focus the XR4x4 I wanted was owned by a work colleage who had owned the carsince 1996, having a 3.1 stage 2 rebiuld already fitted by Specilised Engines in 02 producing 220bhp. When the XR came up for sale for £400 I ripped his arm off.

Modifications made to the car up to 02.09.07 include:

  • 17" 7spoke from my Focus 09.10.07
  • 4" Stainless Steel exhaust with racing cat 10.11.07
  • Koni shocks & springs - I would like to lower to 20mm but still deciding whether to do this or not 03.06.08.
  • Installed some ICE 200wt front door, 400wt 6x9 backshelf, 600wt fusion sub & amp - Im also planning to fibreglass the boot with more ice.
  • Interior is standerd with Recaro front seats 04.08.08.
  • Strutbrace and k&n induction kit fitted - hoping to polish the rockers which are painted, change the hoses for yellow Samco 02.12.08
  • Fitted XR4i boot spoiler &bonnet vent - At present trying to sell mondeo to pay for respray & require a smaller car for work which leaves the XR for play purposes!.

    Last updated: 18.01.09

  •  Car Profile

     Owner: Dave Cooper

     Model: XR4x4

     Engine: 3.1

     Gearbox: MT75

     Suspension:Koni Shocks & Springs

     Wheels & Tyres:

     Exhaust: Stainless Steel Exhaust

     Interior: Standard but with Recaro front Seats

     I.C.E: Pioneer Ministry Speakers & Fusion sub and amp

    Please contact us at 
    [email protected]
     with any comments          © Copyright XR4Register