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 Welcome to the XR4Register website

The XR4Register at Fiesta In The Park & XROC National Day- Sun 13th May 2007

Breaking with tradition, Fiesta in The Park was held at Huntingdon Racecourse, just off the A14. The usual problem of getting stuck in traffic was no longer an issue compared to past years at Wicksteed Park, every one was directed in an orderly manner by the volunteers.

Our patch was next to the concourse hard stand and within the XROC compound. Ralph D was promptly thrown at the deep end to sort the stand layout, Ando later finished this and it all worked out very well.

The lessons of last year were certainly 'sorted' by Tom and his crew of helpers from the day before. A well laid out concourse area and everyone had his or her place. Well done to all those concerned to make it a show without a hitch... however, one just cannot control the weather !

Yes folks, as predicted by the weather men, it was was cold, wet, windy and dull ! They should have also mentioned that one would go hungry too, due to the massive queue to get a burger or a cuppa ! On average, there was over 200 people in the queue. 'You must have had a lot of time on your hands to count that' I hear you say.....

Yes, its true, I had lots of time spare ! Venturing 30 or 40 feet to take a few pictures of our stand was all I could muster as my fur was soaked ! Thanks to Chris C who managed to get me a few snacks from the outside world as it took Jot 1.5 hrs to get me a cuppa !

Most people managed to bring a brolly and so ventured around the rest of the show. Thanks to Pikey for supplying the few pictures of the show. Apologies for the lack of pics as at times the rain was so bad that no one was risking taking their digital camera out let alone the moby !

At around 1pm, some people had had enough and cars were leaving. Our crew managed to stick it out till 2pm but there was simply nothing we could do. We promptly packed up and left Gengis in Concourse to pick up his trophy, as it was a foregone conclusion. He simply had no competition ! Well Done! as ritual, the next round of drinks are on Gengis !

Whilst most of us went home, some of the motley crew ended up at the Fox Pub on the A14. As we were already wet on the outside, it made sense to wet the innards too ! A few larger Shandys later and it was homeward bound to dry up !

FITP at Huntingdon Racecourse certainly holds a lot of potential, it's a very good venue and easy to get to. It would have been a very good show if the weather had held out. Some one needs to invent a cloud/rain disrupter. Ere John ? I think I've got another pat pending plan..

Thanks to all those that came and lasted as long as you did. Hope no one caught a cold like me.. Ahh.. ahhhh.. ahhhh-chooooo ! excuse me.

Show Report: Bhav
Photos: Bhav & Pikey

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