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 Welcome to the XR4Register website


The following explains the main outcome of our AGM on Sunday 14th January and how it may affect you.

Operating Costs
The biggest costs associated with the running of the Register is the up keep of the website. Mainly the annual cost of web hosting, web space and domain name renewals, e.g. www.xr4register.com.

Other relevant costs incurred by the Register include items such as; show props e.g. flags, bunting, text messages, phone calls and themeing costs where necessary. Also postage for tickets & show passes, club information distributions together with stationary costs add a further to our operating expenses.

XR4 Register Funding
The XR4 Registers only regular source of income is collected at our monthly pub meets throughout the year, where members who attend, pay £2 subs per car. Due to geographical reason and attendances, this income has always been very low. Nonetheless, in previous years the XR4 Register has enjoyed great success at theme/event type shows. Wining multiple shows in a single year significantly increased the Registers finances, easily covering the majority of the above costs.

In contrast, if the Register continued to spend in the same manor this year as previous years, without any additional income then the current balance would be zeroed and the Register could possibly go into debt during 2007. Not wining any shows during 2006 did not help the finances.

As some themed events are now obsolete, it is essential that we start to generate revenue through other means and not rely on income from winning show events to fund the running costs of the Register.

After discussing many options and various suggestions, we came to the conclusion that collecting subs from all members at shows would be the only fair and logical way to move forward.

Everyone in attendance at our AGM, in Jan 2007, was unanimous in our approach for this change in 2007.

So, for the foreseeable future, subs will be paid by anyone in attendance at any event with the XR4 Register.

Revised Subs payment (with immediate effect)
Any member attending any of our shows or events (excluding xmas doo) will be asked to pay £2 subs fee.

  • This will be applied on a 'per car' basis
  • This is only to cover the Registers running costs as mentioned above
  • This will not be considered a contribution towards hospitality at events
  • Subs will be payable with ticket or show pass ordering
  • Shows/Events without tickets or car passes will still require payment.
  • Pub meet subs fee will be dropped for 2007

    Yearly Payment
    You will have the option of paying a one off 'up front payment of subs' fixed at £20.00. This will cover all our events during 2007. We ask that this payment is made by March the 1st. Payment can be made throughout the year but any shows/events attended prior to this payment will incur the standard subs fee of £2.00 per car and no refund will be made thereafter.

    Detailed Explanation
    The main issue with the existing method of collecting subs at pub meets is the geographic logistics of the XR4 Register. Traditional clubs have local groups with members reasonably confined to their local region, e.g. West Midlands Branch, Southern Branch etc. The XR4 Register has members that attend shows from all over the UK, even abroad. Where it may be worth the effort and expense of travelling many miles to a show, it is not practical or fair to travel a similar distance to a pub meet. The consequence of this is that the few regular members, who attend the pub meets month in month out, are effectively subsidising the running costs of the XR4 Register. Based on the figures of how many members regularly attend and the amount they contribute, there simply isn't enough funds to cover the essential annual operating costs.

    A fairer way of subsidising the costs between all active members; is to move the pub meet contributions and apply them to all of our shows instead. This way, everyone attending shows/events contributes. Furthermore, as the subs are on a show-by-show basis, each member contributes inline with their involvement.

    It is hoped the majority of active members will pay the subs fee in advance. This gives the XR4 Register a better opportunity to budget and plan any required expenses for the year ahead. It also works out as a saving if you plan on attending most of the events in 2007.

    We intend on operating this policy for the 2007 season, subsequently, we shall review its success / effect at the 2008 AGM and decide on the way forward for next year.

    Please note: THIS IS NOT A MEMBERSHIP FEE ! It is purely a contribution towards the running costs of the XR4 Register and is not something new. Subs have been paid by every one in attendance at every pub meet we have held. We have just made it a fairer by switching the payment of subs at pub meets to every show or event with the XR4 Register.

    We have decided not to implement any size restrictions (within reason) on website profiles, regardless of how active or not the members are. So, If you wish to have your profile featured on our website but NOT wish to attend any of our events then you can still join the XR4 Register without any additional costs.

    Please note: Placing profiles do cost us money. As more and more info is placed upon our web site, it grows and therefore takes up more space. If you feel you would like to contribute, then, any donation would be most appreciated. Every little helps towards the running costs of the XR4 Register no mater how small.

    Other Relevant Changes
    In line with the new subs policy we will be implementing a postage charge on tickets and or show passes. This will be fixed at 50p per show and will pay for envelopes, labels and stamps etc.

    We hope this gives you an explanation and our reasoning for making the changes outlined. Should you wish to have further questions or if you are unsure as to how this may affect you, then please feel free call us or to drop us an email.

    We look forward to your continued support and as always; you can expect the same from ourselves.

    Bhav Thaker
    Branch Secretary
    XR4 Register

    Email: [email protected]

    Tel: (UK) 07 973 294 068
    Tel: (INTL) +44 7973 294 068

    Please contact us at 
    [email protected]
     with any comments          © Copyright XR4Register